4-in1 Concentrate Disinfectant

Kills 99.9% Germs
Contains surfactants to Clean surfaces
Eliminates unwanted Odours
Leaves long Lasting Freshness

We are so excited to bring you Sklean by Busop. An exciting range of 4-in-1 Concentration disinfectants boasting powerful cleaning capabilities, strong disinfection properties, beautifully fragranced and mood lifting solutions with long lasting results. 



Spray it, don’t say it! 

Thats right, get yourself spritzing. Dilute me using a handy spray trigger ( these can be purchased on our shop page). Add 4 capfuls to 400ml water and you have your disinfection solution ready. Now to tackle the house. Spritz across high traffic areas where germs are often harbouring. Remember pet areas, toilet flushers, light switches, remotes and door handles.


Extremely important if you are considering going greener. Use Sklean at the end of each day to disinfect your sponges and wipes. Throw all of the dirty pieces in to the sink, pour in 2 capfuls of disinfectant and top up with boiling water from the kettle. Not only will this clean and disinfect your sponges and refresh them with long lasting fragrance, the steam from the kettle will fill your kitchen with a beautiful fresh scent, ready to go to bed and wake up with a sparkling kitchen in the morning.


The disinfection process works best when soiled areas are wiped clean beforehand. As Sklean contains surfactants it cleans and disinfects accordingly. Spray directly on to soiled area, wipe and rinse cloth/sponge then spray again over the same area, leave for 2 minutes then wipe for a clean and germ-free surface. For non-soiled surfaces simply spray, wipe, then use a micro-fibre cloth for a perfect finish.

How Are you different from other concentrate disinfectants?

In comparison to other products on the market we are firstly environmentally friendly and our solution is biodegradable. Secondly Sklean does not contain any level of Ethanol therefore can safely be transported across Australia. Our packaging is recyclable and all of our products are Vegan friendly. Sklean also contains surfactants meaning it cleans and disinfects whereas other brands may only disinfect.

What is the difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising?

Cleaning means to physically remove germs by wiping down a surface using a detergent/soap/surfactant agent and water.

Disinfecting means a chemical kills the germs. Surfaces should be soil free as debris can hinder the disinfection process therefore a 'clean' is required beforehand.

Sanitising lowers types of germs and bacterias to a safe level.